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Who are we?

The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) is the leading national professional non-profit making society for the technical education system in our country. ISTE Students’ Chapter MANIT is one of the oldest and most prestigious student organization of MANIT Bhopal. ISTE MANIT aims to bring respite to the students from the monologue classroom lectures, thereby providing a platform to facilitate healthy discussions and information exchange on technical education. The blue chip event Chimera, established in 2003, has been a success ever since its inception. Chimera has major events in its closet like Anubhuti, Chimera X, Codathon, Megatreopuz, and Pro-shows


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2 - 4 November, 2018



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Version β


October brings in charisma to our lives, be it the advent of winters or the festival of lights. This year October brings in another jewel to add to the festivities, Version β: Possibly India’s biggest hackathon in the near future.


15 January, 2019


22 January, 2019

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Inter NIT coding contest

Codathon is a first ever Inter NIT Coding Contest hosted by any NIT. The last edition the week long coding contest started on 15 January 2018 and concluded on 22 January, 2018. Keeping up with our vision of a dedicated competition among all NITs, Codathon garnered registration of 3500+ students.


19th January 2019


17th February 2019

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Chimera - X

To travel is to live

CHIMERA-X has put ISTE Students’ Chapter MANIT on the map. It is Central India’s largest quizzing event. A month long brainstorming yet rewarding journey, spanning 13 cities and including 5000+ participants culminated to 13 finalists battling it out in the final here in MANIT.

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Online cryptic hunt

Megatreopuz is an online cryptic hunt that has witnessed participation not only from India but from other countries as well. It contains a set of tricky questions unlocked over a span of 7 days. Top three people with the keys to most questions are awarded cash prizes.

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Unfolding hidden success stories

To ignite the spark inside the students ISTE SC MANIT organizes a guest lecture series comprising of lectures from eminent and inspiring personalities. The lectures are not only technical, but cover a plethora of fields which are otherwise unexplored by students.

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A social initiative

A ride to remember

As a part of social initiaitive, we at ISTE SC MANIT strive to work for the the betterment of the society. Last year we took up the initiaitive to conduct joyride for the less fortunate children. Joyride was organized in collaboration wit NGO HOPE working towards welfare of under-privileged children, and was sponsored by NISSAN.

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After party night

An event as big as Chimera definitely needs a pronite to cap the event off. With the inception of Goonj, a cultural night filled with amazing refreshing performances, we kick started a beautiful tradiiton which we long to carry forward. Organized last year in collaboration with Roobaroo, the cultural society of MANIT, Goonj was a runaway success and perfect accomplished the targets responsible for its advent.