What is Anubhuti?

Anubhuti is a talk show and an integral part of Chimera, which aims at carving a lasting impression on the students’ minds. It executes the goal of ‘ideas through sharing of experience’, wherein eminent personalities are invited to guide the youth of today. It opens up doors to new opportunities and career paths.

Anubhuti promotes healthy discussion amongst the students and the speaker, breaking the monotony of classroom lectures and learning through real life experiences and people.

Why should you
participate in

This is an event that must be attended by everyone across the college, as there are no barriers to the guests that we invite. We’ve had people from scientists, to businessmen, politicians to actors who have grown humbly and set benchmarks for today’s generation. Anubhuti lets students meet their idols and learn the path to their success.

In the past Anubhuti has hosted revered personalities like: King Sidharth, Mr. Shailesh Kumar Mishra. These people have left the crowd in awe of their achievements, their personalities and their expertise.

Anubhuti is back this time with the aim of inspiring our budding technocrats by inviting a series of notable guest lecturers.