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What is Chimera-X?

Chimera-X is the flagship event of ISTE Students' Chapter MANIT organised as a part of our annual students' conclave Chimera.

Chimera-X was first organised in 2003 and is entering its 17th edition. This experience and legacy of 17 years is what has made Chimera-X central India's largest quiz contest and that too undisputed. From 2017 onwards Chimera-X took its first steps into the national quizzing scene after its prelims were conducted in 9 cities of the country. This figure went to 11 in the subsequent edition and is expected to push to other new cities. Chimera-x has already been conducted in Gwalior, Allahabad, Nagpur, Ujjain, Indore, Raipur, Mathura, Jabalpur, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Jaipur, Pune and Bhopal.

Chimera-X is a general quiz consisting of city prelims and finale at MANIT Bhopal.

Why should you
participate in

The pivotal cog in Chimera-X's considerable growth is the team that curates such tantalizing questions, which are hard for newbies to deny outright as impossible and at the same time hard for the experts to brush off as another freebie.
The questions time and again induce sighs of 'I knew this' from the audience. To still maintain the standard of the contest has always been a challenge, one that the team takes very seriously.

This is the reason why you should participate in Chimera-X because you never know, that chat with your friend that you shrugged off as buffoonery might be the key to some answer. You will never count yourself out if you are even moderately aware of your surroundings.

This plus 30000 other reasons is why you should participate in Chimera-X.

Prizes and Registration

Chimera-X is one of the largest quiz contests in the national circuit and the indisputable largest in Central India and the prizes live to that standard as well.










Top Team
In Each City

Apart from these and the tremendous amount of knowledge at your disposal, there are a number of goodies and vouchers (in select cities) at stake. One thing that we strive to make sure is no one goes empty handed.

Requirements and Conditions

  • Allowed team size is of maximum 2 people.
  • The registration fee is ₹100 per team.
  • All the prelims follow the structure of a written round followed by a stage round.