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Contest Ended.

Thank you all for your overwhelming response. The final rank list would be released soon.

     Problem Setters & Testers: Shreesha Prabhu, Bala Sukesh, Shiv Kumar.
     Codathon Coordinators: Priyanshi Somani, Anima Jain.

Total active participation for Codathon : 2335
Total students registered: 3018

In keeping with its motive to provide a plethora of opportunities in technical domain, ISTE organizes Codathon, a coding competition as a part of the MANIT Bhopal Annual Students' Conclave 'Chimera' annually. Expanding its reach to yet another level, ISTE is proud to announce 'Codathon' as an Inter-NIT Online Coding contest going to be held in the month of January. Codathon aims to garner participation from all the 31 NITs, find the brightest coding minds through a one-week rigorous coding challenge and reward the best coders with lucrative prizes.

However, anyone and everyone can take part in the contest but only students of 31 National Institute of Technology will be eligible for prizes which will be electronically transferred to them after successful verification of their bonafide certificate from the institution.

  • 1st Prize : 8,000 ₹
  • 2nd Prize : 5,000 ₹
  • 3rd Prize : 3,000 ₹
  • 4th Prize : 2,000 ₹
  • 5th Prize : 1,000 ₹
  • 6th Prize : 1,000 ₹
  • (Yes, fibonacci! )
  • Also, 31 T-shirts as giveaways for our contest winners, one for each NIT top scorer.
  • Engineering and community Internship opportunities at HackerEarth.